Frequently Asked Questions GECD-IMS Student Login
  Frequently Asked Question for GECD-IMS Student-Login
Who can use this system?
Any student who has done online registration with valid email-id can use this system.

Why is this system required?
The GECD-IMS system holds more than 3500 records of students. It is backbone support for important activities like informing students about important updates through SMS, email or call. Also, the Training and Placement Cell needs uptodate analysis of students academic records for related activities. Students should voluntarily upload correct-uptodate information for their own good. However the data will always be verified by faculty later on.

What if I do not have my email id?
Create a new one. You will always need one for the rest of your life.

Why is Email-Id so important?
The new password generated by system is sent to registered e-mail of student.Student will have to use this password for first login and then change it.

What if i forget my GECD-IMS password after changing?
Use the forgot password link given on the login page, provide your information and a link to reset your password will me mailed on your registered email address.

Who can request new password?
Students who have not requested password earlier or not logged in before can request new password. New password will be sent on your registered email address.

Can i change my email id?
No, email-id of student can be changed from faculty login only. Student must contact department student section for updating email id.

Can i change my picture?
No, picture can be changed from faculty login only. Students can also contact student-tpo from respective departments for updating their records.